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-=====TinyCAD Schematic Editor=== +#​REDIRECT ​:reference:tinycad
- +
-TinyCAD is an open source schematic capture program for all versions of Microsoft Windows. We use TinyCAD to produce circuit diagrams because it is easy to learn and use, and because it is free, the diagrams we create are easily edited by others to customize for their needs. It is also very easy to create your own symbol libraries to meet your needs. TinyCAD drawings are self-contained -- you do not need the source library to display a drawing with "​unique"​ symbols. You can also copy a symbol from a drawing and add it to your own symbol library.  +
- +
-TinyCAD can also be used to create printed circuit boards, and can export "net list" information to applications such as [[http://​www.freepcb.com|FreePCB]],​ which we recommend for creating printed circuit boards.  +
- +
-  * TinyCAD website -- [[http://tinycad.sourceforge.net]] +
-    * [[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​tinycad/​files/​latest/​download|Download]]  +
-    * Includes an excellent help file and printable PDF manual, as well as extensive symbol libraries, which you can easily edit or create your own libraries. ​+
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