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Studies in the Book of NEHEMIAH

Prepared for HCJB Global by Jim Allen & Graham Bulmer

Theme of Book



  • Name means “Yahweh has comforted”
  • Born in captivity and rose to be the cupbearer to Artaxerxes (Neh. 1:11)1).
  • Outstanding traits of a cupbearer:
    • Well trained in Court etiquette (Dan. 1:4-5)2)
    • Handsome individual (Dan. 1:4,13,15)3)
    • Knowledgeable in how to select wines
    • Close companion with the king, one who could well determine who could see the king
    • One who enjoyed the unreserved confidence of the king…a very trustworthy indvidual (Bib. Sac. Oct 1980, p296-297)
    • Wisdom, discretion, honesty, and trustworthiness (Bible Know. Comm., p674)

A warning from the Lord: Deut. 28:49-534), If you fail to obey God, he will judge you and send a foreign nation to take you into captivity. We find that warning has been carried out when we study Nehemiah.

Chronological Timeline

  • 931BC – Kingdom of Israel divided (North & South)
  • 722BC – Northern Kingdom falls to Assyrians
  • 586BC – Souther Kingdom falls to Babylonians
  • 538BC – Medes & Persians defeat Babylon
  • 538BC – First group of Jews return to Judah under Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple (Ezra 1:1-2:2, cf Haggai)
  • 458BC – Second group of Jews return under Ezra (Ezra 7:1-10)
  • 444BC – Third group of Jews return under Nehemiah to rebuild the walls

Purpose of Writing

To present a straightforward historical account of a very important time in Jewish history. It's significance for today lies in its “practical spiritual lessons, applicable to the people of God in any age as they seek to carry on His work. Especially …in times of spiritual depression and discouragement (Ezra and Nehemiah, (EBC), G. Coleman Luck, p80)

We want to divide our study into two parts. The first will move through the book chapter by chapter dealing directly with each one and asking questions to help us understand and make applications. The second part will be more “theological” in nature and will seek to look at the book as a whole, to get a glimpse of Nehemiah's theology and what led him in the direction he took.

  1. Nehemiah 13:1-30
    Overall Look at the Theology of Nehemiah
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