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Master Distribution System

The Master Distribution Center (MDC) contains the AC switching contactors and load shedding breakers. It is capable of operating on 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz power as the local needs require. It has (2) generator and (1) Utility/aux. single phase up to 400A from any one source.

There are (8) load shedding* single phase outputs capable of up to 100A each (not to exceed 400A total). There is also a non-shedding 100A single phase output for the power house itself.

Set up for 3 phase input power, it can easily accept 1 phase or 2 phase power as well. However, single phase and 3 phase inputs cannot be paralleled. If the user expects only 1 phase operation, there is a simplified 1 phase variant of the control tower and MDC available. The load shed outputs will remain single phase (user must balance loads).

The load shedding is designed so different lines can be switched off to save fuel or loads as needed. They are controlled by toggle switches on the front panel, and can be switched off individually or in a preset pattern.

Martin Machinery can supply the Master Distribution Center, or it can be built by any qualified electrician.

* Load shedding simply means that individual outputs can be shut off separately to either save fuel or reduce the overall load. For instance, classrooms could be shut off during the evening and night, and the housing during the school hours.


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