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Martin Energy Group

Martin Energy Group is the integrator we have chosen to build the gensets and control system. We have worked with them on a number of projects and have been very pleased with the results. They supply items that you won't get from off-the-shelf genset packages, like low-coolant and low oil level warnings and shutdowns.

The biggest advantage of purchasing from Martin Energy Group is that they will build a genset to spec. Our primary desire is to have an oversize generator end for longest life. Most packaged gensets have a generator end that is closely matched to the engine size and will operate at over 120° Celsius (250° Fahrenheit) at full load! This is wasted energy and shortens the life of the generator insulation. For longest life we want a generator end that will run at no more than 150°-180° F (65-80° C).

Martin Energy Group also has extensive experience in building gensets for prime power applications, including many seemingly minor features that make a big difference when gensets are operated 24/7 instead of a few hours at a time in emergency standby service.

They can modify the standard design and spec as desired for larger or smaller gensets.

The control panels are built by their Gen-Tec assembly shop in Latham, Missouri, and the gensets are assembled and tested with the control system in their factory in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Martin Energy Group

39425 Excelsior Dr
Latham, MO 65050
United States
  • Contact: Bill Idlewine, Brian Martin or Harlan Martin
  • Tel: 660-458-7000
  • Fax: 660-458-7100

34 W Mohler Church Rd.
Ephrata, PA 17522
United States

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