TECO SG2 Programmable Relay

TECO Genie II Programmable Relay, 12VDC Powered, 6 DC Inputs, 2 Analog Inputs, 4 Relay Outputs, Keypad / Display, Expandable (Max. 34) I/O

A simpler way to program “relay logic” including timers, voltage sensors, etc.


  • 12V / 3.2mA DC Inputs
  • Analog Inputs, 10-bit, 0-10VDC
  • 4 line, 16 character LCD backlit display
  • 8 Programming Keys
  • Retentive Flash Memory
  • 300 ladder rungs
  • 240 data registers
  • 31 each of
    • timer instructions
    • HMI (display)
    • Counter
    • Real-time clock
    • Analog compare
  • Math instructions
  • Multi-language support
  • Built-in Real-Time Clock

Software: Ladder Logic programming software is downloadable from www.factorymation.com. Use version 3.22 (8.5Mb) to edit files provided on this site. Good help files and documentation are included.

Requires RS-232 programming cable adapter SG2-PL01. A USB programming adapter cable may be available, or you can use a USB-RS232 adapter with the RS232 cable.

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