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Control Panel Pictures

These are pictures of the control panels as built by Martin Machinery.

Front – Emergency stop button and indicator, warning indicator on top row. MainsCompact is the bottom unit, with the two InteliCompact MINT generator controllers above it. Alarm, Warning, and Auto mode indicators are to the right of each controller.

Inside wiring.

Top left corner is the 12-24vdc converter for the priming pump. Top row: Low-voltage disconnect, DC power distribution and fuses, . Switch panel in the middle is for generator manual bypass and engine crank.

Bottom row: TECO SG2 controller for alarm and warning management, ig-AVRI and AVRI-Transformer.

Governors America ESD-5500e engine speed controller and Marathon Electric DVR-2000E digital automatic voltage regulator.

Switches on the bottom row are for system on/off, lead genset selection, and auto mains fail operation.

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