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Scott T-Transformers

Useful for Utility Power connection to convert 3ø (120 degree phase angle, 3 wire) to 2ø (90 degree phase angle, 3 or 4 wire) and allow full use of all three phases.

Scott T-Transformers can be built to transform voltage as well as polyphase (such as 480v delta to 120/240v), but that does not appear to be as useful in most applications we consider here.

For further background.

Possible Sources:

  • Hammond Power (Baraboo, Wisconsin; Compton, California; Guelph, Ontario)
    • Hammond Power Rep - Bill Casey Electric, Tel 630-860-3600
    • _
  • LC Magnetics (Anaheim, CA)
    • Scott T Transformer is built with two single phase transformers of equal power rating. The MAIN and TEASER sections can be enclosed in a floor mount enclosure with MAIN on the bottom and TEASER on top with a connecting jumper cable. They can also be placed side by side in separate enclosures.L/C Magnetics can custom build Scott T Transformers with power rating from 1 KVA to 500 KVA.
    • call us toll free at (800) 595-7096, or send us an email at
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