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Robertsfield Flights

Airline Destination Flight Departs/Arrives Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Comments Link
Air France ROB - CDG via FNA AF755 2020/0555+ X X Until 2013-03-29 AF755
CDG - ROB via FNA AF752 1030/1815 X X Until 2013-03-29 AF752
Brussels Airlines BRU - ROB SN245 1210/1805 X X Until 2013-03-27 SN245
BRU - ROB via ABJ SN247 1210/2030 X X
ROB - BRU via ABJ SN247 2140/0515 X X Until 2013-03-29 SN247
ROB - BRU SN245 1915/0520 X X
British Airways LHR - ROB via FNA BA137 2230/0725+ X X X BA137
ROB - LHR via FNA BA136 0925/1805 X X X From 2013-01-22 to 2013-03-28 BA136
Delta Airlines ROB - JFK via ACC DL27 1820/1650 X X X Until 2013-03-28
JFK - ROB via ACC DL26 2055/1520 X X X
Kenya Airways ROB - NBO via ACC KQ509 1730/0530+ X X X
NBO - ROB via ACC KQ508 0930/1510 X X X
Royal Air Maroc ROB - CAS AT598 0120/0650 X
ROB - CAS AT598 0330/0910 X
CAS - ROB AT599 2000/0030 X
CAS - ROB AT599 2210/0240 X

Airline Offices

Airline Location Telephone Contact Info Hours
Air France
Brussels Airlines Ecobank Plaza, Ashmum & Randall Street 09:00–13:00 (Wed & Fri),
10:00–13:00 (Sat), Closed on public holidays.
British Airways
Delta Airlines
Kenya Airways
Royal Air Maroc


Brussels Airlines check in and baggage check can be cared for at their office in Monrovia.

Air France also accepts down-town check in and baggage check.

Royal Air Maroc offers a shuttle from their Sinkor office to Robertsfield, leaving at midnight.


IATA Code Name
ATL Atlanta - Georgia, USA
BOS Boston - Massachusetts, USA
CAS Casablanca, Morocco
CDG Charles de Gaulle (Paris), France
CKY Conakry, Guinea
FNA Lungi (Freetown), Sierra Leone
JFK John F Kennedy (New York) - New York, USA
LHR Heathrow (London), UK
NBO Nairobi, Kenya
ROB Robertsfield (Monrovia), Liberia


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